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We are the ethics podcast for college students at UNC who are ethically curious.

Interested in podcasting, philosophy and ethics?
So are we!

We invite academics, business leaders, and passionate students to discuss a wide variety of topics. Large or small, questions involving philosophy, politics, and economics guide our everyday lives, and we aim to explore them all.

From conversations about what is happening around campus to debates on the ethics of lying to children about Santa. We are here to answer your questions and provide insight into some of UNC's greatest minds!

Meet Our Team

Elise Manzari is a junior studying Economics and Public Policy. Her interests include hiking, painting, and listening to music and music reviews. 

andy jin.png

Andy Jin is a sophomore studying Economics and Business and minoring in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE).

He loves playing volleyball, both beach and indoor. In his

second year with the Parr Center, he’s excited to have in-person events and spend more time in Caldwell!


Annette Varghese

Annette Varghese is a Junior Neuroscience and Chemistry double major with a minor in Education. She is currently working as a research assistant at the CIRCLE neuroimaging lab and is completing an honors thesis on fMRI and EEG correlates of executive functioning in children and adolescents. She is passionate about science K-12 education and works as an Undergraduate Learning Assistant for NSCI 175. Annette is interested in working in pediatric healthcare and eventually matriculating to graduate school. When she's not working, she is usually trying out new coffeeshops, dancing, or thrifting with her friends.


Ashley Villanueva

Ashley Villanueva is a junior double majoring in Neuroscience and Chemistry with a minor in Spanish for the Medical Profession. She enjoys bike riding, playing the piano, and cooking with her friends. She's involved in on-campus

as a writer for Carolina Scientific and through events

at the Newman Center. This is her first year in the

Parr Center and she's excited about her new commitment as an Ethics Fellow.


Brennan Maynard

Brennan is a rising junior intending on double majoring

in Journalism and Public Policy with a minor in Data Science.

She is not so sure what

she wants to do with that knowledge in the future but for now she enjoys being a writer and editor for the CPR.

In her free time, she loves

doing pretty much anything in nature, painting, dancing, drinking good coffee,

writing, and hanging out with friends.


Campbell Lindquist

Campbell Lindquist is a sophomore intending on majoring in Philosophy

with a minor in Women’s and Gender Studies and a certificate in Cultural Anthropology. She hopes to put those majors to use

later in life as either an international arbitrator or

a corporate ethicist. Campbell has four brothers, so she is accustomed to ethically arbitrating four different (and usually loud) opinions and finding

good compromise. When she's not studying—or herding brothers—she enjoys wake-surfing, writing, and reading trashy romance novels :)


Elise Manzari

Elise Manzari is a senior Economics major with Public Policy and Philosophy, Politics, and Economics minors. She is currently serving on Scale and Coin Business Society's Executive Board, and is also working on an honors thesis

on gender representation in academia. In her free time, she likes to hike, thrift,

draw, and attend concerts. This is her second year in the Parr Center and she is excited to see what the year has to offer!



Max Hazerjian

Max Hazerjian is a senior, majoring in Peace, War, and Defense, and Political Science with a minor in Russian. This is his third year in the Parr Center. Max enjoys photography, reading, and skiing in his free time.


Samad Rangoonwala

Samad Rangoonwala is a freshman Public Policy Major (Maybe PWAD/PPE who knows) living in Crusty Craige (Say hi please :D).

He spends way too much time on Wikipedia, is always down for a walk and sometimes takes OK photos that photoshop can sometimes make look good. This is his first year with the Parr center and he is very excited because ethics is pretty swag. :D


Lorelai Sykes is a

sophomore Journalism and Global Studies major and works as the sound editor

on the Chapel Phil podcast with the Parr Center. She also writes for lifestyle and fashion magazine Looks Attached (check it out!) Lorelai is focusing her studies on the Middle East and working towards fluency in Arabic. She is a cat person, loves all genres of music and is involved with many political clubs on campus! This is her first year working with the Parr Center and she is thrilled to help bring discussions of ethics on campus to life.

Parr Center for Ethics.PNG

The Parr Center for Ethics reflects UNC's commitment to exploring moral questions. Partnered with the Department of Philosophy, the Parr Center provides the necessary academic and financial support to facilitate ethical discussions. 

The Center invites world-renowned ethical thinkers to give speeches to the UNC student body and the general public while connecting with young minds through the National High School Ethics Bowl. 

For more information, visit the Parr Center's website below.

Reach out to us with questions or suggestions at:


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